TypePad's Embeddable Maps Bug

I’ve discovered a bug in ‘s blogging system. I believe it has not yet been discovered by because I couldn’t find reference to it in nor .

You’ll notice at the beginning of my last post, , the first line begins with this typo: "ofIn mid-July Google asked their Gmail users to submit video clips that…"

I cannot go back and fix that "of" at the beginning of my first sentence because TypePad won’t allow me to. When I click on the post to edit it, the text from the post displays briefly but then displays the post as follows:

TypePad's Embeddable Maps Bug - 09/05/07

I cannot access the posts using the Edit HTML feature nor can I get at it by making the editing canvas bigger.

The post contains text, hyperlinks, an image of the Gmail logo, an embedded video and an embedded Google Map. I have never had any problems with using any of these elements within a blog post except with .

I came across the bug first on August 23, when I wrote about in a post titled .

I have not tested using ‘s, so I don’t know if it is embeddable maps in general that are causing the problem, or Google Maps in particular.

Regardless, it’s an annoying little bug that I hope SixApart gets fixed right away. And while they’re at it, maybe they could make their system much more accessible to smart phones.

I want to use the web interface on my Pocket PC phone.

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