Independence Day Searches By Minnesotans

It’s no surprise that July 4th-related keyword searches spike heavily during the days before and after today’s holiday and flatten out the rest of the year, but it is of some interest the exact searches people use to find that information. The following "4th of july," "fourth of july," "july 4th," "july fourth," and "independence day" by Minneostans from 2004 to 2006.

Minnesota Independence Day Search Trends

If you , though, you can dig deeper into this unremarkable data, you can see  which specific search terms were favored by Minneapolitans, Saint Paulites, Saint Cloudonians, Rochesterers, and Duluthiacs.

Residents of Saint Cloud, for instance, apparently do not like to use the search phrases "fourth of july" and "july fourth," while Duluth residents only prefer using numerals in their searches, using almost exclusively "4th of july" and "july 4th." Go figure.

Mildly interesting but irrelevant, huh? Maybe. But if you own a fireworks store in Duluth, this is important to know if you’re doing any search engine marketing at all.

So there’s my Independence Day Internet marketing information for you.

Happy July 4th (as a Saint Paulite, that’s my preferred search phrase):

Statue of Liberty by Hope Alexander, 1974
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