Blogging Tool – Social Bookmark & Tag Generator

is a very handy blogging tool that will save you plenty of time creating the "Bookmark this post" and and tags. Altogether, There are three uses for Keotag:

  1. The front page of Keotag is devoted to Tag Search, where you can do a keyword search and find out what people are blogging about or tagging on your keyword through the various popular blog search engines like Technorati and social bookmarking and tagging sites like and .
  2. The will create tags like those you see at the bottom of each of my posts. Keotag gives you a choice between creating Technorati,, and/or . It even includes the  rel="tag" code that Technorati suggest you append to your href code so it understands the the keywords in your linktext as tags. That saves a lot of time.
  3. The will create a "Bookmark this" or "Add To" links to a handful of popular social bookmarking sites like those mentioned above, as well as , , and .

The only drawback is that you  need a URL for your specific post, so you’ll have to use it after you’ve already posted, copy in the code, and then re-save your post.

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