Google Maps Mashup Tools & Resources

These are some tools and resources I put together for a demonstration I am doing today on creating Google Maps mashups using for :

Essential Google Maps Mashup Tools

  • – MapBuilder is a Web 2.0 online
    application that allows you quickly and easily build custom maps using Google
    or Yahoo Maps API and JavaScript.  MapBuilder provides a WYSIWYG interface that
    requires no knowledge of map APIs, geocoding, or JavaScript. Some fundamental
    HTML knowledge is required. The main features of MapBuilder include Address
    Geocoding, CSV file importing, icon selection, directions in a pop-up window,
    collaborative map development, map sharing, hosting flexibility.
  • – In order to use MapBuilder
    for creating a Google mashup, you’ll need a Google Maps API Key, which you can
    get for free.
  • – You will also need a Google Account in
    order to get a Google Maps API Key. If you do not have a Google account, you can
    sign up for one for free as well.

Google Mashup Examples

  • – We created this
    mashup for our client to graphically and interactively display their Twin Cities

  • – We created this mashup to
    try out both MapBuilder as a tool as well as to try and use a Google Maps mashup as a
    method for driving traffic to specific posts within a blog.
  • – This is a superb
    demonstration of  a Google mashup used to promote the HBO hit series, The
    Sopranos. It is a map of the location of all the “hits” that take place in the
    show with video clips of that particular hit from the episode in question.
  • – This mashup
    combines Google maps with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data
    to give you a local weather forecast.
  • – Mashup of Google Maps data and movie showtimes
    and theaters.
  • – A list maintained by

Additional Map Mashup Resources

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