Map Of Religious Denominations In The US

We hear a lot about values and faith-based communities but usually it is in a polarized political context, so it’s easy to tune it out. But there’s no denying that one’s religious outlook informs much of how a person views any other issue. It is important, therefore, for marketers to understand the religious context within which they are marketing.

For a course called at   Professor Jon T. Kilpinen provides a map gallery that illustrated the "cultural mosaic" of the United States by overlaying population density data for different groups by geographic region. There are maps for , , , , , and .

The maps are a fantastic tool for anyone who wants to understand the geographic region within which they are marketing.

Or the political landscape. For example, the helps to explain North Dakota’s legislature’s recent bill outlawing abortion.

These maps are fascinating for anyone interested in the demographics of the United States but they are also an invaluable marketing tool.

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