Google Drive?

I may be getting my wish. the potential has as the search company’s entry into the remote storage business and its implications for .

Google updated their desktop software this week and some of the new features move a remote Google drive closer to reality. The software allows you to search the contents of your computer just as you would search the web through Google. I absolutely love it because I get zillions of emails and it allows me to easily search Outlook. The new features include the ability to search all of your computers. So I can hook up my all of my office computers and have the ability to search for documents across all of them.

The says:

To enable the computer-to-computer search function, a user specifies what information should be indexed and then agrees to allow Google to transfer the material to its own storage system. Google plans to encrypt all data transferred from users’ hard drives and restrict access to just a handful of its employees. The company says it won’t peruse any of the transferred information.

If that’s the case, then, they already have created a de facto remote drive for you on their servers.

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