It is often the simplest ideas that are the most brilliant.

So it is with Minnesota Public Radio‘s "speedcasts." Speedcasts are, logically enough, simply podcasts speeded up just fast enough so that they are understandable yet cut down the amount of listening time significantly. To the tune of squashing a 53 minute program into 29 minutes.

Thank you! You’ve just saved me about a half an hour of my life.

Clearly, speedcasts will only really work with the talk show format. Unless you’re just plain odd, you’re probably not going to enjoy listening music or drama on steroids. But if you’re listening purely for the information and you’re as impatient as I am, you’ll love speedcasts.

They are sort of funny to listen to at first but after a little while you get used to the fast pace and you tend not to even notice it before long.

Currenlty, MPR only speedcasts the Midmorning program with Kerri Miller. Subscribe to any of MPR’s podcasts on their podcast page.

Subscribe to Midmorning speedcasts:

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