Targeted Email Marketing

One of our clients, The Great North Alliance, publishes an email newsletter that will help to illustrate some of the elements that constitute succesful targeted Internet e-mail marketing.

The Great North Alliance is a regional civic leadership organization that focuses on the economic vitality of the Twin Cities, Minnesota metropolitan area.

In order to build a relationship with executive-level professionals in Twin Cities organizations that play a large part in the Twin Cities vitality, we suggested that The Great North offer a free, valuable email newsletter that would appeal to that audience.

We created a twice-monthly compilation of links to news stories that have a bearing on the economic vitality of the Twin Cities. The elements that made the newsletter a success are that it offers value in the form of compelling content that subscribers use in their jobs and it saves them time.

The numbers tell the story: The thousands of subscribers consist of corporate CEOs, nonprofit executive directors, entrepreneurs, government and elected officials at the state and local levels, members of acedemia and the media.

The Great North email newsletter allows the organization to communicate with these people on a regular, ongoing basis. It positions the Great North as an expert–if not the preeminent expert–on the Twin Cities econmic and competitive capacity.

The Great North publishes the semi-annual Oppportunity Forecast, which is the core of it’s purpose. They’ve just released the most recent Forecast and the success of their email newsletter provides the Great North with an excellent distribution channel to the people in position to have the most effect on the vitality of the Twin Cities economic competitiveness.

You can subscribe the the newsletter (and get the Opportunity Forecast report) at

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