Consumer Benefits Of Chatbots [CHART]

Chart: Consumer Benefits Of Chatbots

Chatbots are expected to be able to help round-the-clock with instant service for simple tasks, but aren’t perceived to be the best channel for more complex inquiries. Chatbots have yet to find broad appeal among consumers, though they do have a user base: 15% have used them to communicate with businesses during the past year.

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What Smart Speaker Owners Would Like From Brands [CHART]

Chart: What Smart Speaker Owners Want From Brands

More than one-quarter of Alexa owners have asked their device about deals, recent research has revealed. Now, new data from Google and Peerless Insights indicates that Smart Speaker owners are most interested in receiving information about deals, sales and promotions from brands.

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Most Trusted Sources Of Company Information [CHART]

Chart: Most Trusted Of Sources Company Information

Companies around the world are facing an ‘authenticity gap’ as they fail to meet customer expectations in key areas that drive authenticity, such as value and customer care. Trouble is, companies are considered the least credible when they’re talking about those particular areas.

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