Appeal Of Pausing Consumer Subscription Services

Chart: Benefits Of Subscription Pausing

With an estimated 27.4 million US consumers at risk of canceling at least one subscription in the next 6 months, subscription services are looking for effective ways to retain subscribers – and according to research from Recurly, a pause feature could be one productive approach.

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What Is A Reaction Video?

Photo: Valspar Color For All

A reaction video is one where the subject is reacting emotionally to some other video they are watching but it can be more broadly defined.

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Why Companies Use Events [TABLE]

B2B and B2C companies approach events with different goals in mind, though they do share some primary objectives. Both groups look to drive sales revenue as well as educate customers, prospects and attendees, but B2C companies are more focused than their B2B counterparts on raising brand awareness.

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