Diversity In Advertising

Creating advertising that reflects the diversity of the audiences it targets that is also authentic takes a deeper understanding of race, ethnicity and culture.

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Demographics Of Screen Time

Chart: Demographics Of Screen Time

Some 65% of young parents feel that they spend too much time on their smartphone, with this group also being most likely to believe they spend too much time on social media.

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Wearables By Generation, 2020-2024

Chart: Wearables By Generation, 2020-2024

It should come as little surprise that the two generations with the most pocket change, Millennials and Generation X, are the early adopters of and have the greatest penetration with wearables.

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Video Gamers By Age

Chart: Video Gamers By Age

Playing video games continues to be a favorite pastime for Americans, with three-quarters of US households having at least one video game player.

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US Population by Age & Gender

Chart: US Population by Age & Gender

Gen Z (note: e-Strategy refers to them as Gen V; V for Virtual) is an up-and-coming target audience, but marketers continue to focus a lot of energy on Millennials.

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Family Life By Generation

Chart: Family Life By Generation

Today’s family units are very different to those of previous years. Only 3 in 10 Millennials now live with a spouse and a child, compared to 40% of Gen-Xers and 46% of Boomers when they were the same age, finds a report from Pew Research Center using data from the US Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey.…

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