Cable Cord Cutters, 2019-2024

Chart: Cord Cutters - 2019-2024

By the end of this year, 31.2 million US households will have cut the cable TV cord in aggregate. And 6.6 million households will cancel their pay TV subscriptions.

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Disney+ Subscribers

Chart: Disney-Plus Subscribers - 2020-2024

The number of Disney+ viewers has blown past that of Apple TV+ (18.8 million), which is impressive given that both services launched in November 2019.

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Where Americans Listen To Music

Chart: Where Americans Listen To Music

According to a Morning Consult/Hollywood Reporter poll of adult Americans who listen to music about once a week or more, most of them (69%) listen to music via traditional AM/FM radio stations.

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For-Fee Podcast Listeners

Paying For Podcasts

Of the 50% of US adults who listen to podcasts, around 1 in 6 (17%) have paid to listen to one, while a majority are open to a mix of free and paid podcast models.

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Digital Live Sports Viewers

Chart: Digital Live Sports Viewers, 2019-2023

Live sports viewing on digital channels has definitely been on a rising trend in recent years. eMarketer charts the rise from 32 million viewers in 2019 to 36.5 viewers this year.

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Time Spent With Digital Video By Device, 2018-2022

Chart: Time Spent With Digital Video By Device, 2018-2022

This year, time spent with mobile video apps will gain 10 minutes, second only to social media. Overall, mobile video will gain 5 minutes, since video watched via mobile web has decreased as people continue to shift such viewing to apps or other devices.

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