Millennials Are Social Shoppers

Chart: Social Commerce, 2019-2020

GfK found that more than half (52%) of US consumers believe they can shop online for almost 100% of the products or services they need, up from 48% feeling that way last year.

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Social Commerce Demographics

Chart: Social Commerce Demographics

What is striking about these numbers is that 50% said they have not used social commerce and are not interested in using social commerce, or are not familiar with the concept.

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Social Channels That Have A Significant Influence On Shopping [TABLE]

When the first wave of social commerce arrived—mostly reproducing ecommerce catalogs on Facebook—critics predicted it would fail because users didn’t want to shop where they socialized. More than half a decade later, most social media users still don’t turn to social platforms to make direct buys. Now it’s all about influence, social ads and a multi-channel path to purchase.

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