Best In Class Social Media Elements

Chart: Best In Class Social Media Elements

With most brands convinced about the benefits that a strong social presence can bring, social media marketers face the challenge of cutting through the noise to reach their target audiences.

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Using Content For Customer Engagement

Chart: Using Content For Customer Engagement

Marketing leaders believe interactive brand content is helping to communicate brand promise and value, deliver thought-leadership, and differentiate products and services as well as enable demand generation strategies.

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B2B Content By Buying Stage [CHART]

Chart: B2B Content By Buying Stage

Nearly half (47%) of the content created by B2B marketers in 2018 was created for the early stage of the buyer’s journey, according to a study from the Content Marketing Institute.

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Chatbot Engagement Rates [CHART]

Chart: Chatbot Engagement Rates By Select Countries

The vast majority of adults across 6 countries believe that organizations are failing to provide a connected experience, defined as organizations knowing their preferences across all channels and being able to provide them with access to the information they need in a timely manner.

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Marketing Automation Optimization Tactics [CHART]

Chart: Marketing Automation Optimization Tactics

Delivering personalized content is the most challenging barrier to marketing automation success, though the integration of all marketing systems is a close second. Despite the difficulties marketers are having delivering personalized content, the vast majority say that content personalization driven by marketing automation is in fact improving.

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Top Marketing Topics Consumed By Employees [CHART]

Chart: Top Marketing Topics Consumed by Employees

‘Social’ is the intent topic that is currently most buzz-worthy across B2B marketing, according to an analysis performed for MarketingCharts by Bombora. To arrive at its conclusions, Bombora looked into the content consumption behavior of employees at 2.8 million businesses around the world during Q1. The analysis revealed that ‘social’ was the leading topic of the 346 topics monitored related to marketing.

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Decline Of Facebook Interactions, 2017-2018 [CHART]

Chart: Total Facebook Interactions, 2017-2018

Naturally, if the world’s top Facebook Pages are posting an additional 20,000 pieces of content per day to the platform, there’s going to be an increase amount of competition in the News Feed and a decrease of engagement across the board.

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