Top D2C Acquisition Channels

Chart: Top D2C Acquisition Channels

With many retailers having concerns about selling on marketplaces – ranging from having to share a cut of revenues to potential customer relationship issues – some are choosing to cut out the middle-man and sell to customers directly.

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Top B2B Marketing Metrics [CHART]

Chart: Top B2B Marketing Metrics

Cross-channel measurement is clearly on the minds of marketers this year, with the IAB revealing it is a use case that will be taking up the time and attention of many marketers this year.

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Global Mobile App Benchmarks [CHART]

Chart: Global Mobile App Benchmarks by OS

Getting a first-time user to install an app isn’t easy. And getting that user to make a purchase within the app is even harder—and a lot costlier. In fact, mobile app marketing and retargeting company Liftoff analyzed user data for a year, and found that the average cost to acquire a user who makes a purchase via an app is $64.96.

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