Voice Search For Song Lyrics

Amazon Gives Musicians Voice Search Data

Amazon Music has launched an analytics platform for musicians called Amazon Music for Artists that provides keyword search data for music voice queries.

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Terrifying Marketing Mistakes

Photo: Top 10 Terrifying Marketing Mistakes of 2019

During every episode of my podcast, Beyond Social Media, my co-host BL Ochman and I discuss the best and the worst marketing communication stories of the week. These are the top ten worst marketing stories I discussed during the past year.

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Hello Barbie Doll

Mattel's Wifi Hello Barbie Doll

Mattel is set to release their Hello Barbie doll, a toy with a WiFi connection and voice recognition technology that encourages in-depth conversations.

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Ask SeaWorld Twitter Campaign

Ask SeaWorld Twitter Chat Fail

The #AskSeaWorld Twitter campaign may have been a fishing expedition for comments SeaWorld can use to combat the damage done by the Blackfish documentary.

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