US TikTok Users, 2018-2024

Chart: US TikTok Users - 2018-2024

TikTok’s American subscriber base has grown from 18.8 million active monthly users in 2018, to 45.5 million users this year, and is expected to grow to 60.3 million demographically appealing US users by 2024, according to eMarketer projections.

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Video Game Use By Platform [CHART]

Chart: Video Game Use By Platform

Apple launched its subscription gaming service Arcade in late September as part of the company’s wider iOS 13 release, betting big on subscription gaming services and joining others like Google and Microsoft.

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Podcast Listening Sources [CHART]

Chart: Podcast Listening Sources

Podcasts continue to grow in both familiarity and listenership among Americans, with a survey finding that about half of the respondents (ages 12 and older) reporting that they have listened to a podcast.

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