Artificial Intelligence Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic from TechJury illustrates the artificial intelligence revolution, including a historic timeline detailing the evolution of the technology, the classifications of AI, examples of how it is used, statistics, the companies and countries that are leading the way, its effect on various industries, and what the future holds for AI.

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Top Technologies For Improving The Customer Experience [CHART]

Technologies For Improving Customer Experience

A 2016 study by Forbes Insights and SAS found that 90% of executives worldwide who use data analytics noticed it improved their ability to deliver a superior customer experience. And According to a January 2018 survey of US senior decision-makers conducted by Verndale, big data/analytics was listed as the most important emerging technology for enhancing customer experience, cited by 63% of respondents.

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2018 Online Marketing Trends [INFOGRAPIC]

Infographic: 2018 Online Marketing Trends

This infographic surveys various online marketing trends for 2018 from a variety of marketing reports. The insights include: 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized and many more.

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World-Changing Technologies [CHART]

Marketers have their own ideas about the emerging technologies that will transform their customers’ experiences, but what about the broader public and how humans experience the world?

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