How B2B Buyers Prefer To Make Contact

Infographic: How B2B Buyers Prefer To Make Contact

According to the GlobalWebIndex’s GWI Work wave 2 survey of 2,889 business-to-business buyers from ten markets, 61% prefer to contact B2B vendors via email near the end of the research phase of the buyer’s journey.

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Top B2B Marketing Measurement Challenges

Chart: Top B2B Marketing Measurement Challenges

Just 1 in 8 (13% of) marketers at B2B organizations would rate their company’s current ability to measure and analyze marketing performance as excellent, and some 40% think that it needs improvement.

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Marketers' Content Development Tools [CHART]

Chart: Marketers' Content Development Tools

More than three-quarters (76%) of organizations say they take a strategic approach to managing content. These organizations are also much more likely to use development aids – such as editorial calendars and formal workflow processes – than those organizations who do not manage content strategically.

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B2B Buying Timeline [TABLE]

Almost half of B2B buyers indicate that they’re spending more time researching purchases. Fully 69% spoke to and engaged with a sales representative from the vendor they selected within the first 3 months of the process.

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Facebook Advertising Formats [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic: Facebook Advertising Formats

This infographic from Spiralitics illustrates Facebook’s advertising formats and features, including: Video, Photos,  Slideshows, Canvas ads, Instagram carousels and stories, Audience network ads, Instant Articles and Messenger.

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Top Marketing Topics Consumed By Employees [CHART]

Chart: Top Marketing Topics Consumed by Employees

‘Social’ is the intent topic that is currently most buzz-worthy across B2B marketing, according to an analysis performed for MarketingCharts by Bombora. To arrive at its conclusions, Bombora looked into the content consumption behavior of employees at 2.8 million businesses around the world during Q1. The analysis revealed that ‘social’ was the leading topic of the 346 topics monitored related to marketing.

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